Mahjong is a game that has existed since the Chinese dynasties. The name itself means “five pieces”. In this game, five separate tiles are used to form the shape of a tree.

The object of the game is to have players take turns placing the various tiles to form the correct shape. If the tiles are completed in the right order, it is possible to win a set of five. Mahjong is considered to be one of the oldest board games.

As Mahjong is extremely popular in Asia, it is often called “the Japanese game”. Because of its popularity, a version of Mahjong has been translated into many languages. Many people who play Mahjong love the depth of strategy required to win.

It also has a very detailed and traditional flavor that is very difficult to imitate in the modern version. One of the major differences between Mahjong and other kinds of games is that players often play against the computer.

Instead of a player being able to manipulate the game by themselves, the computer is given a set of rules that are completely fixed. Since this prevents the player from making any changes in the course of the game, the result is often more interesting.

Although it is quite similar to poker, most Mahjong games are usually simple and short. Players can quickly learn how to play. There are many different variations of Mahjong including the Chinese Mahjong, which has been adapted for many countries including the United States.

Many people play this game in their spare time and are not only fun but have a lot of strategic elements that add to the fun of the game.

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